Friday, April 23, 2010

What's in your purse?

So I saw this on My friend Jill's blog. Apparently someone named Stacy Julian challenged people to dump the contents of their purses and take pictures and blog about it. I thought it was cute, but I didn't (don't) know who Stacy is, and quite frankly, I just couldn't see myself doing it. Then today I went to Target. It was payday and I had been needing a long list of routine items for a while. It was rainy today ...weird in Seattle, I know. But I jetted down the street to Target and got a front row parking spot the rain. Score! I ran in and got my cart full of items. I walked straight up to the check out counter. The only one without a line. Score! Again... Anyways... Unloaded my cart onto the counter, and reached in my purse to get my debit card.

This is the point that I remember that my wallet is sitting on the floor next to my bed where I had been paying some bills when I got home from work. My wallet containing my debit card, my checkbook, cash, change, and all my credit cards. Pretty much all my forms of currency. So I look at the lady with my mouth gaping open in shock and embarrassment and say "Oh, shi-oot." She paused before scanning my first item, and asked what was wrong. I told her what I did, and to my surprise she said that there was a place to keep all the items in my cart until I could come back. They have a place for that. People do this that often? I'm one of those people? Ugh. So she helped me put everything back in my cart and showed me where the 'carts-in-waiting' spot was. I drove the 5 minutes home, grabbed my wallet, placed it rightfully in my purse and went back. I collected my filled cart from the cart babysitting section. The worker in charge of the area said that she remembered which one was mine because of my cute purse that was on my shoulder. Great. My purse is cute. Super cute actually. If only I had remembered to put my wallet in it. So without further delay's what was in my purse today:

The only other thing that was in my purse was my camera. Not pictured for obvious reasons. We've got my super cute bag Easter present from my cute mommy, my sunglasses, my iPod (mostly used to avoid talking to people on airplanes), a bottle of eye re-wetting drops (again, used mostly to re-wet my contacts after long naps on airplanes), a pen from the hotel I stayed at last time I was in Vegas, a bottle of baby lotion I stole from work because my hands get so incredibly dry washing them 3,546 times a day, my Burt's Bees chapstick (the only kind I'll use), and varying flavors scents colors and sheens of lip gloss (because yes, Jill, girls lips do look better in pictures when they're shiny, and also, quite frankly, kissing is more fun with it ...and it makes you more memorable --the whole using all the senses thing...)

And this is everything (except camera again) that should have been in my purse today. My cute wallet included. My cute wallet carrying my debit card, Yankee mastercard, discovercard, VS Angel card, safeway card, duane reade card, my Black Book card, you're getting the point. A wide variety of cards and business cards and a bit 'o cash and change, and two tickets to the Allstar Minor League football game in Vegas that some running back gave me when I was in Vegas ...didn't end up going -clearly, since the tickets are still in my wallet. I also have a couple old Yankee tickets in my wallet, just for sentimentality :) And oh, my goodness, my cell phone!! My cell phone is at my side 24-7, so if I'm out and about I'd have that with me as well. That I would never leave by my bed.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I have a problem.

Today I spent just over $275 ordering around 3,000 pictures that cover a span of 13 weeks of my life. I have a problem. A picture taking problem. And when the prints arrive at my house I will be spending countless more dollars on the scrapbooks and supplies to turn those photos into priceless memory filled books. It will all be worth it, and I will do this many times over, but I still found it funny that I spent that much printing photos to cover a mere 13 weeks of my life.

See, I'm a little behind on my scrapbooking. The last time I printed photos they were of my first time living in New York. I told myself that I couldn't print anymore until I had those ones all scrapbooked. So I haven't. And the first time I lived in New York was the summer/fall of 2007. Just recently I made a power push to get caught up and scrapbooked the entire time in 3 weeks. So now I'm on to my California adventures. Which I am SO excited to get to!!!! After that is my road trip up the PCH. I decided to make a photobook of this road trip rather than printing more photos. I figured the road trip was like a story, so a book was appropriate. Besides I would get entirely too bored of scrapbooking nothing but scenery pictures. So in addition to ordering all my Cali pics, I also put together and ordered a custom made 78 page book covering the 4 day trip. I am so excited to get it and see it and look at it that I may not be able to sleep tonight! Thank you shutterfly for indulging my picture taking problem :)

Here's a link to see the online version of the book: click here :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

DC adventures in Cherry Blossoms

Last time I went to DC I joked that it was an experiment in how many National Parks you could see in three days. We ran and ran and ran for three straight days, and still somehow didn't get it all done. This time was the spring time edition of that same experiment. We went in the spring which was equally as beautiful as the fall, and with the exception of the Holocaust Museum did all different things from last time. We were there for 5 days, and there are still things that I need to do next time since we STILL didn't get to. I am seriously in love with Washington DC. It is beautiful and clean and filled with thousands of cute quaint little neighborhoods. There is tons to do, and with the exception of food and souvenirs, everything is free. It's a fabulous place. It's funny how the more I travel and the more things I cross off my list of things to do before I die, the more things I add to it. For example, this trip I discovered that before I die I will need to live on Fairfax Street in Alexandria, VA. I have well over 200 pictures from the trip and am not going to bother trying to post them all check out my facebook (those of you who have access :) ) Otherwise, here are the highlights:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Life... Today...

Just got home from work. Leave for DC in less than 24 hours. Exhausted. Going back to work in 9 hours. Still need to unpack from Vegas. Still need to pack for DC. Still need to do mucho laundry. Going to bed now :)