Wednesday, February 29, 2012

T- 24 Hours

That's t minus twenty four hours until I'm in my home away from home. Away from home. New York!!!!!!!  Words can't express how much I have missed it and how thrilled I am to be going back, even for just a short weekend. In the past 24 hours I've written three papers, completed one group project, taken one test, worked for ten hours, and oh yeah... slept just a little bit. So the vacation is also much needed :)  Here's to hoping the next 24 hours aren't as stressful... although I do still have to shop, pack, clean, take one more test, and perhaps sleep a bit again. We'll see :) T-24 hours baby!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So... it's been a while since I've been in a posting mood... or had time to post. The combination of the two just hasn't been there.  See, my life has been giving me heartburn lately.  There's too much school. All three of my teachers are the type that think theirs is the only class you have, and it's a LOT. And yes, there is only two more weeks in the quarter but quite frankly, my brain was done a couple weeks ago. And there's work. Always work. I live there. Too much school too much work. Not enough sleep.  And I asked for all this. Then there's trying to work out vacations. My life gives me heartburn. All first world problems, I know. I know that it's pretentious, but it gives me heartburn none the less. So I take lots of pepcid complete and try to be grateful for the many blessings that are mine. And then I take more pepcid.  I just keep saying to myself, this too shall pass. And it shall. And it shall be wonderful when it does, and it shall be worth it. It shall.

Besides, there are things that lessen my heartburn. Like letting loose and blowing off steam with friends and co-workers... or getting caught up with an old friend over live music... or actually getting to go on vacations planned. And most of all the phone calls and messages from family and loved ones back home. The text message from my nephew asking me to be his valentine... that's right my nephew text messages... pretty good for a one year old ;) The skype chats, thank-you notes, and phone calls. They keep me sane. Since I can't post photos of these things most precious, I'll leave you with a couple photos of my recent trip to the grand canyon. Amazing. There were no words.