Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Am From

I was looking through some old school notebooks and came across this. It was an assignment from my cultural diversity class, and one that I actually put some effort into completing :)

I Am From

I am from mountain peaks and sunny skies.
Summer sprinklers, bare feet, flip flops.
Sand boxes, mud pies, swing sets.
I am from imagination and make-believe.

I am from snowflakes, snowmen, and snow angles.
Hoggle Zoo,Lagoon, camping.
Cabbage patch dolls, care bears, coloring books.
I am from Saturday morning cartoons with dad.

I am from love, support, strong family values.
Encouragement, expectations, standards.
Take care of what you have, opportunity.
I am from money doesn't grow on trees.

I am from work hard for what you want.
Blue A, Aggies, basketball.
Study, work, succeed.
I am from get along, you can't have too many friends.

I am from road trips, vacation, travel, laughter.
New York City, buildings, Broadway, people, busy.
Orange County, beaches, Disney, customer service.
I am from Seattle, lakes, rivers, tunnels, emerald.

I am from heart ache and heartbreak.
Keep on going, never give up, never accept less than perfect.
Don't settle, anything worth doing is worth doing right.
I am from image is everything, actions speak louder than words.

I am from controlled chaos, adrenaline, don't sit.
I am from. Me.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

On Valentine's Day

That moment when it's all new. Before you even hold hands, when your fingers accidentally graze then linger on purpose. Maybe the last two fingers on your hand hook the first two of his. Just for the briefest of moments. That connection, that... that something that solidifies your core to a warm liquid pot of... something that radiates to ever nerve ending in your body. Then eye contact, a sly smile -or half -and you're lost.

That moment when you stand with toes touching, you smile, you laugh coyly, shake your head at the ground and glance back up and you're locked. You lean ever so imperceptibly closer. That moment when your lips are millimeters away. Your eyes close, there's the smallest of sharp inhales. That moment.