Thursday, June 18, 2009

Points 1, 2, & 3

First of all ...Nellie has made it past another small hurdle. I just don't know that I can ever give her up! So lately (for the past couple weeks) She'd been having a hard time every time I'm stopped at a red light or stop sign. This does not help my propensity to not stop at stop signs I don't think should be there. Not the point. Anyways, so she does great as long as I'm moving and pushing on the gas, but as soon as she has to idle, she sputters and tries to die. She hasn't died yet, but I often have to continually rev the engine while at stop lights. When she does this, the radio often blinks in and out. I've been really just trying to ignore it, thinking that it would eventually go away. Actually I was just afraid that if I got took her in, it would be too expensive to fix and I would be forced to just get a new car. So friends at work the other day were asking how my car was doing. They think my road trip adventures are quite entertaining. So I told Josh and Jose the latest on poor Nellie. Good news! According to the smart boys, my battery cables are just loose, and I quote, "Just go home and tighten them with your socket wrench, it'll be fine." To which I replied, "My what?" I know what a socket wrench is, but I don't have one laying around the house. This was also fairly entertaining apparently. I could have followed them home and they would have fixed it for me, but I need my oil changed too, so on my list of things to do today is get my oil changed at the place up the hill that also installs batteries so that they can tighten the cables for me.

Points 2 & 3: Funny tidbits of conversations I overheard at work last night.

Sandy (unit clerk) to person on phone: "I'm sorry that you're too high to drive yourself to the hospital, maybe your neighbor that you got high with can give you a ride." Several seconds later, "Well sir, I'm sorry that your belly hurts after you drank too much and pickled your liver, but that really isn't my fault, you'll need to find your own way in to the hospital, we don't have anyone to pick you up." I almost got on the phone to inform him that we didn't have anyone to take him home either, should his drunk and high self make it to the ER. Retard.

Dr. Sternfeld to family member of patient that eloped while he was in the process of being admitted for pneumonia: "He is at home? He can't be at home, he needs to be at the hospital. He's very sick. Can you bring him back?" ... "He's doesn't feel well? I know he doesn't feel well, that's why he needs to come to the hospital" ... "He can't stay too late because he's sick?" ... "Yes, he is sick, that is why he needs to be in the hospital." At this point I had to leave to take care of my sick patient, but I asked later because I was thoroughly entertained by this conversation. Apparently this man's family decided that it took to long being in the hospital (he'd been there for 2 hours) so they'd just take him home. Then they decided that he didn't feel well enough to leave the house come back to be admitted to the hospital. People kill me.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

All the crafty people...

So lately, I've been ...for lack of a better term ...bombarded with the craftiness of people around me! Maybe bombarded is the wrong word, since I not only thoroughly enjoy it, but benefit from it. Anyways, so this is a collection of the amazing things that these amazing people I know made for me! The pink and black quilt is one that my grandma made me ...she made it all by hand. Isn't it amazing?! It's the perfect quilt for cuddling up in on the couch to watch a movie! I love it! The orange brown and blue bag is one that my friend Kristy made me --and it to is AMAZING! It can fit EVERYTHING in it! All my work stuff and my purse stuff and treats! Kristy is amazing and makes all kinds of cute, can't live without it stuff can check it out here. The casserole dish is one that my fantastic mom made me --it has "Toni's Treats" etched in the glass on the side didn't come out very well in the pic. She gave it to me last time I was home along with the magnet recipe holder that she made. I have the most amazing mom ever. And the most amazing family and friends ever! Aren't they all great?! Thanks guys!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I've done it ...

Well, almost. I have almost vacationed myself out. Almost. It's been a pretty stellar last couple weeks, but I am exhausted!!!! Apparently not too exhausted to blog this quick post with my eyelids at half-mast :) So after working 6 days in a row, I went on the road trip I told you about last post. I flew home on Saturday in time to go to work for twelve hours, sleep for 12, work for twelve more. I got off work in time to go home and grab my bag and head to the airport. I played in the SoCal sunshine at the beautiful beaches in the perpetually sun-drenched gorgeous Orange County. I didn't realize how much I missed Orange County. I missed it a lot! So Monday was the beach, then the pool at the Disneyland Hotel where I was staying with my friend Siobhan and her family. When the pool closed we hit up Downtown Disney. Good times!!! I miss ESPN zone! We got back to the hotel in time to sleep for a couple hours in time to wake up and spend a full day at California Adventure and the Happiest Place on Earth. We ended the day at the pool again, and made it to bed in time for me to sleep a full 6 hours so I could get up and board my plane back to Seattle to make it to 8 hours of work, followed by the winding down of the birthday celebrations of one of the nurses I work with. So now, I'm exhausted. I'm so tired I'm delirious, and I almost go to the point today where I was DONE with vacations. All I wanted to do was sit in my apartment by myself and be lame and not do one darn thing. Then I re-evaluated. It will be nice to have a full day off Saturday, but I can't wait for my next adventure!!!