Friday, June 6, 2014

A Fault in our Times?

Haven't seen that movie yet. Read the book and loved every word of sheer unadulterated reality. I did however, see Maleficent today. Good show. I couldn't help but wonder. Sleeping Beauty was pure magic for me as a child. It was my favorite, and still is to this day. So much so that when it was released from the vault and we got it on VHS when I was in high school, I watched it in the same sense of wonder I had as a child. I could tell you the exact spot and position I sat on in our living room when I'd watch it as a small girl. I had flashbacks of sitting at the table in my room listening to the read-along tape know, the ones where the tape reads to you and prompts you to turn the page in the book with the magic fairy-like sound? I vividly remembered my favorite page in the sleeping beauty coloring book that I had as a small child. As 17 year-old me watched the movie these memories came back in such a visceral way it's still hard to capture the feeling in words.

So what I wondered was, in today's world of constant readily-available everything, does that magic get lost? Is it even possible to see a movie once or twice as a small child, fall in love with it, and then not have access to it, or the ability to see it again for twelve years? Does the magic exist if it's just every day life? I kind of feel bad for today's little ones. In the same way that the novelty would wear off if you were to get a pedicure every week. It's fantastic that they have everything available to them at the click of a button. It's just that a part of me wishes they'd have things that they'll never even miss. Like the joy and appreciation that comes in loving something while you have it, and then moving on to the next adventure because time has run out on the first thing. That's such an important life lesson. One that we'll all learn in some way... even if it's not in wishing for a day when everything wasn't so.... automatic...