Sunday, December 31, 2017


Lunch with my nephew at his first grade class, playing and falling in the snow at the playground, a visit from the parents, discovering Leslie Powell, a visit from the Cody and Chel family, a rainy visit from Mandi, days on the beach with almond matcha latte's and giant beach loungers, superblooms, wine cafe's and sunshine, Washington DC, farmers markets, a visit from Rachel which covered everything from Compton to frozen rose at The Standard, Mexico with the mama where I bought my first piece of property, a new passport, Chord Overstreet with Aimee, a birthday visit from Jill with avocado cakes, beach days and a movie in a cemetery, Echo Park and Silverlake with Lauren, Bali.   Bali.      Bali.      So many days at perfect little coffee shops, two new jobs, Something Rotten, minions for halloween, Angel wings, TV tapings. Yoga. Connection, discovery, quiet, still. So many late night messages and video chats --therapy. Being Mortal, How To Murder Your Life, Big Magic, Dead Certain, The Handmaid's Tale, Wonder, The Power of Now, Daring Greatly, The Magic, Stop Saying You're Fine, The Four Agreements, The Power, Pod Save America. Car paid off. Debt free, back in debt. Disappointment. Hurt. Love. Reunions. So many good hair days.  Blackout curtains & box fans. TVD, Friends, Narcos, Mindhunter, Chelsea, Joe Koy, Anthony Bourdain, InnSaei, Grand Designs, Iliza, The Giver. Jimmy, James, Vanderpump Rules, Project Runway. Keto and bulletproof everything. Living with intention, thoughts become things, get shit done.

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